Top Ten Tuesday #4

First of all,I'd like to apologise for not writing any reviews this past week.I was really busy but I promise that this week,I'll try come up with new things to talk about.Anyway,today is Tuesday and that means it's time for a challenge.Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and here's what what today's topic is:
"Top Ten words/topics that will make me pick up or buy a book."
Here we go...

*Assassins (Give me anything that has to do with assassins and I'll read it!!)
*Hot/Badass guys (Who doesn't love them?)
*Tattoos (I couldn't leave it behind.)
*Greek Mythology/Greek Gods(I've always beem obsessed with Greek Gods and mythology.I'll read anything you give me that has to do with that kind of stuff.)
*Something I unique(It's not exactly a word or a topic...but let's just make an exception.)
*Romance and Heartbreak(For me these two go together and I have to admit that lately,I'm really into that kind of stuff!!)
*Contemporary(At the very beginning,I literally hated contemporary novel.But since reading Pushing the Limits,I can't resist.I've officially fallen in love with contemporary novels.)
*Forbidden Love(So intriguing...)
*Dystopian(I didn't want to add this one at first but since I'm a sucker for Dystopians...I had to.)

I hope you guys enjoyed this Tuesday's topic.Come back next Tuesday to see what we're gonna talk about!!!