M.A.S.H-Book Edition #1

So I've been seeing videos with people doing the M.A.S.H ''challenge'' as I'm gonna call it.It was brought to the Booktube community by Jessethereader.So I was just fooling around at school today,everyday actually and since this piece of paper you see down there seems so pretty,I decided to do one of this every second Monday of each month,scan it and put it in here so you people can see it.It's something different and I hope it doesn't seem like to boring or something...So here it is.

I hope  you can understand what I'm writing.It seems that I'm gonna live in Wonderland(the one from Splintered)and I'm gonna be a dream catcher which is not an actual job.I'm gonna travel with a broomstick something that's become the dream of everybody who has loved Harry Potter from the beginning,or so I believe and I'm gonna marry Jamaal.This guy's from the Nikki Glass series By Jenna Black if you guys are interested.We're gonna have two kids which is pretty convenient actually and apparently,our pet is gonna be a dragon.Last but not least my best friend's gonna be Cami.

I wrote some things coming up this week.I'm going to try and write reviews for Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire,Crush by