Crescent City Fae By Deanna Chase-Book 1-Influential Magic

I have to begin with saying that I never really liked anything that has to do with faeries.But the thing that intrigued me about this book was the fact that the main character,Willow could sense vampires and she was weakened if she stayed near a vampire for too long.That's the first thing that got my attention.Then of course,we have the fascinating cover.
Willow is a faery and a member of the Arcane.With her best friend Phoebe and her dog Link who can shift into a wolf,she hunts vampires.Not because she likes it but because she can sense it when a vampire is near.After spending the summer with her best friend and three years after her twin brother's death,she goes back to her normal life as an Arcane agent.Her aunt Maude is the director and makes Willow's life a living hell.Then she appoints a new partner to Willow.That partner is her ex boyfriend David,who she discovers was turned into a vampire.Of course Will is still in love with him but she suffers by being near David.Then there's Talisen who moves in Willow's home for some time,to help her find evidence about who killed her brother,Beau.Talisen is Willow's best friend and even if she doesn't want to admit it,she has strong feelings for him.In the end the dangers she faced and that still haunt her,are nothing considering that her world is blown upside down by some big revelations.

At first,I wasn't so sure if I was going to like the book but after the first few chapters I just fell in love with the characters and...there were certain points where I got really emotional.I got angry...especially while reading about Maude's actions(before the big revelation of course)and while reading those other revelations I'm not gonna talk about because you'll be spoiled.I got happy and there where times when I got really sad but I quickly got over it.I loved Talisen and Willow's relationship.I was also amazed by how loyal and brave Willow was.She didn't have any defending or fighting skills but it doesn't mean that she wasn't a kick ass heroine.I have to assure you that I did not like David...and again because of those revelations...but from the beginning it was just obvious it wasn't going to work.Because the girl's in love with Talisen.Seriously he's perfect.

And I left the character I loved the most for last.I just fell in love with Link.He was such an amazing little creature.Always eager to help and protect Willow,even when he wasn't in his wolf form.I can't wait to find out what happens in the next book of the series.I really can't!!!

I received a free copy of the book from the publishers through Netgalley to read and write an honest review.

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