Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

I made a big mistake...I kinda watched the movie first and read the book later so at the beginning I wasn't all that eager to like...continue reading the book.But then I realized that the book was way better than the movie(as always) and it was really different as well.

The most fascinating and intriguing thing in this book was of course R's personality and behavior.Even though he is a zombie and has probably been one for a while,he still holds on to the human part of him.He's not like the other zombies and he,unlike them has feelings.
He loves collecting things,he loves music and he doesn't only think about feeding.R wants to be more.He wants to feel,he wants to love,he wants to cry.The romance was beautiful as well.Julie was also an amazing character.

There's another thing that makes this story intriguing.The fact that everything is told from R's perspective.That's amazing because you actually get to witness that even though R's a zombie he has feelings and he cares.Some people might find the whole story a bit too much because of the whole zombie falls in love with human thing but in my opinion,that's what makes this book interesting.That's what makes the book whole.The end was incredible.The fact that R became human because he believed and he wanted to live gives some messages.Stupid as it sounds you really have to believe in what you want to do and make it come true.That's what R did even though he is a zombie and even though we don't have zombies,his story can relate to the present world.


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