Warriors of Ankh Trilogy by Samantha Young-Book 1-Blood Will Tell

I'll only say one thing...If you haven't read this book yet...you should. Because IT IS AMAZING.

Eden is a soul eater...Meaning she has to eat souls to survive.Her life's a living hell but she has her brother Stellan,who cares about her and loves her.He would do anything to protect her from the brutal and disgusting things their father and cousin do in their house's basement.She also has Noah.Her one and only friend who can understand her.But she doesn't know that Noah was sent to take her with him or...if things got out of control even kill her.When everything is revealed and when Eden finds out that Noah is one of those Neith warriors that are trying to kill her...she thinks he betrayed her.But Noah isn't Neith.He is Ankh.More powerful that the Neith and of course immortal. Cause there can never be to many immortals.Anyway...when time has come for Eden to ''eat'' her first soul,her father captures Noah to be the victim.But of course Eden,even if she doesn't know it loves him to much to eat his soul and become the merciless being she despises.So she doesn't kill but other Neith come and kill every single soul eater in the room.Including Eden's brother.The only person she truly loved and that truly loved her.She gets desperate especially when the Ankh take her under their protection and her hunger becomes unbearable.But there comes the big revelation.Eden is actually half soul eater and half Ankh.Her father raped her mother but her mother's beloved husband claims Eden as his daughter and swears to make things better.So they set off to Edinburgh.Where the secret to Eden's salvation is waiting.
The emotions I experienced while reading this book were just remarkable.And I have to admit that I was really proud of Eden for not giving in to the hunger.I also have to admit that I was holding my breath through those last chapters and I even cried a bit when Stellan died.It was just so unfair.And Teagan.I just wanted to punch him in the face.Seriously he was so...I can't even describe what.But in the end everything was fine even though Stellan's death hunted every single page of the book and that was so sad.Even if what I just wrote doesn't make any sense at all!!!


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