Frankie by Kevin Lewis

So...I've got to admit that I loved this book..I barely read books that have to do with ordinary and every day things...I don't say that Frankie's life was ordinary but I prefer science fiction books and stuff like that.Frankie is an amazing and really brave character.
I love the way she handles things and doesn't let anything break her.Alright,she actually broke in the end when they took Jasper but she was ready to give her life for her baby and that's amazing and really brave.I expected her to end up with Carter because I really liked him but we don't know what happens next.I assume from what he said in the last chapter that they weren't to end up together because he was a cop and Frankie hated cops. Her story was really realistic and the things she said and did during the book were thing that everyone who loves the only family he has..would've done. I hope so anyway.Best scene? Where she finally met her mother and cleared things.I was so nervous and stressed.It was like I was Frankie and wanted to say to my mother the things I hadn't said so long ago.I think Frankie was a bit mean with her mother but she had to be careful.You can't suddenly love the woman who turned her back on you and didn't believe what her own daughter said.What Frankie's stepfather did to her was really tragic.From the beggining her stepfather was relaxed for the whole thing...It was like he wanted Frankie behind bars so his actions stayed uncovered. I was also impressed by the way Frankie disguised herself and she had an inside power that gave her the courage to move on.I'd like to read The Kid from the same author. I think it will be just as amazing as this one. I read the description and I think the plot is somehow about the same thing. 


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