Thursday, 27 December 2012

Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer-Book 1-Cinder

I'm so so angry right now.I just finished reading this book and I wanna punch someone in the face.It wouldn't be nice to throw the book across the room but punching someone would be really convenient right now.Because what happened in this book was so so unfair.I wanna scream.Seriously.Okay I'll just stop babbling and get to the point.

Cinder tells the story of...Yeah you guessed it...well Cinder.It's actually pretty much identical to Cinderella's story but very very different.It's about a mechanic who's also a cyborg.That means she's something like a human and a robot at the same time.And there are androids and all that kind of stuff...kinda like a human robot community with a king and a prince got the point I think.So Cinder isn't actually an orphan she is adopted.And she has two sisters.The one hates her and the other loves her.Her stepmother treats her like shit...sorry about that but then she meets the prince when he takes her to fix something.They slowly start having a friendly relationship but when her sister gets the plague her stepmother blames her.So she becomes a laboratory rat and soon discovers that she is Lunar.Lunars are people who live in the moon and whose fault the plaque was.And they live in the moon.So they start trying to find an antidote for the plague and then the queen of the Lunars who treats them as prisoners and killed all of her family to take the throne,comes to earth to marry the prince.But Cinder learns that the queen plans to kill the prince and take over the world.And she has an antidote for the plague by the way.In the end Cinderella goes to the ball and her mother tries to hit her but the prince stops her but Cinder's true self is revealed.So everyone now knows that she is a Lunar,they take her to prison until the Queen leaves.There the doctor who helped her tells her to escape and there...the book ends.With Cinder and a new foot and a hand which the doctor gave her to run away.
And even when I'm writing this review people..I'm ready to start screaming.Seriously.I have to admit that I wasn't even thinking about getting this book but then it felt like it was calling me and it wanted me to read it.So...what could I do.I got it.And yes I liked it.Not only liked I got all the feelings that you get when reading an amazing book.And this book for me was AWESOME.And know I can't wait for the second book to come out.And it will be with Red Riding Hood people.Yes...and I have to tell you that the characters of this book were so fascinating.I wanted to punch her stepmother in the face or start shouting at Cinder to do something.But...she couldn't hear me.No because she's just a character in a book.A character I love and is one of my favorite female characters.So..go get this book if you haven't already!!! XD

Rating: <3<3<3<3<3 (what else???)

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