Sunday, 9 December 2012

Legend Series by Marie Lu-Book 1-Legend

Thanks to the person who recommended this book to me.XD.I heard something about the particular book but never actually thought about reading it.So...yeah.And here I am.

Legend it's about two teenagers.A girl and a boy who are completely different but at the same time...their personalities are almost the same.The boy is really poor and didn't pass the test of the high society he ended up living in after a plague killed many people and the rich lived happy but the very poor people lived without electricity and all that kind of stuff.Anyway,I think you got the point.So...when Day(our boy)kills June's brother(our girl)she wanted to get revenge.Day is the most wanted criminal in the Republic and everybody's looking for him.SO June sets on a journey to find and destroy him.He uses his family and catches him but her brother's best friend kills Day's mother.June thought that they wouldn't end up killing anyone but apparently,her superiors had other ideas.So...then they took Day to prison and were ready to execute him when June and the rebels saved him and together,they escaped.Now,they're looking for Day's lost friend who went with the rebels to persuade them to help her free him.But it was June who negotiated and told them to help her save him.Anyway that's what happens in the first installment of the Legend Series.
And here people,is where I start screaming and shouting because this book actually,ended.And I couldn't get enough.Seriously I wanted to keep reading even when I finished it but...What can you read when there's nothing to read?
Anyway so I was really excited when I started reading the book and even when I finished it.And I was in love with the characters as soon as I got to meet them.And I was really proud of June and I absolutely love her.If I was a book character,that would be June.But unfortunately I can't be a book character.I have to admit that I was really sad when June's brother died.The writing style was amazing and I loved the way the book was like,divided.And you were like in Junes head and then you could feel what Day felt.Okay not actually feel got the point!!!It's obvious that I can't wait for the second book!!! 
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