Friday, 28 December 2012

For Darkness Shows the Stars by Diana Peterfreund-Book 1-For Darkness Shows the Stars

So after reading this book I really need to read persuasion and compare them.Seriously.At the beginning I thought that I wasn't going to like this book because I'm more into the kick ass heroine stuff.So I was really surprised when I discovered that during and after reading this book,Kai's and Elliot's story is so fascinating and interesting that I would really like to read more.
I didn't expect for this book to be that good.I also understood that you don't need to know how to fight to be a kick ass heroine.Because people,let me tell you.Elliot certainly is a kick ass heroine because she stands out for the people she loves,she protects and doesn't want to abandon them.She used her mind to cope with bad situations and obstacles and that's what makes her one of my favorite kick ass heroines.In those certain parts where Kai was really rude and brought Elliot to tears,I swear that if I could I would climb into the freaking book and punch him in the face.So when you feel what the characters feel and experience stuff...and I don't consider myself stupid for saying things like that because I certainly do feel different emotions while reading a book.Sometimes I want to laugh and then cry and then shout and then scream.That's what happens when you're obsessed with books so...You can't blame a girl for loving books.Back to the point.So I loved this book and you must be wondering why I gave it four stars.That's because I just found out that the other books aren't going to be about Elliot and Kai.No people.And that's what angers me the most.When they publish the first book of a series and then when you finish that book you can't wait to read the second one.Meaning:you can't wait to learn what happens next with the characters you love...You find out that the other books will be about other people.And that's really frustrating.WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!!!Anyway....wanna read Persuasion so badly right now!XD


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