Centauriad by Kate Klimo-Book 1-Daughter of the Centaurs

So I read this book in like,two days and I found it really interesting.I really love horses so I was eager to see what would happen next.I really enjoyed reading it but I thought it'd have more scenes with action but anyway.And I fell in love with Sky and believe me or not I'm like,obsessed with horses right now.Especially black ones.Seriously.And I have to find and read a book about horses because the information on the internet is just not enough.

Anyway.First of all the characters were fascinating and I love Malora's tenderness,the love and the patience she showed with the horses.It was amazing.Best scene?Absolutely the part where she took the horses and got ready to leave but then they got their own land in the Kingdom of the Centaurs and they were free.They weren't being abused by that stupid little cat...or whatever it is.And I loved the end.Yeah,the part where Max won the race and finally everyone started to respect Malora and her horses.But I was really eager to find out what happened to Sky and what was going on with that other guy she saw in her dreams.Imagine my disappointment when I found out that neither Sky or Luma-that was his name I think-appeared in the book.And that I have to wait half a year to read the next book.
When I saw the rating board,if that's what it's called,I was a bit surprised and didn't want to read the book at the beginning but then I got thrown into the world of the centaurs and no one could bring me back to reality.I stayed up at night and was eager to finish it the first day I started reading it...but sleep got me.The writing along with the plot were really unique.Some people might find the writing childish-that's what I thought at the beginning-but then I realized that I could read it easily and understood everything about it.Can't wait to read the next one!!!
I think it's  a really interesting book which everyone can read.It's simple and has a really unique plan.Plus you get to learn more about horses...which is amazing!!!

Rating: <3<3<3<3
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