The Study Series by Maria V. Snyder-Book 1-Posion Study

So...there's been a long time since I read the book and I finally found time to write a review for the most amazing book that was ever written.It was something completely different and the plot was really clever.There were times I wanted to scream and others I wanted to cry or even get in the book and punch some silly character in the face.I was waiting for Valek and Yelena to be together from the beginning of the book but they like...waited until the end.That was fine with me because it was more exciting.
Waiting and wondering when in earth your favorite characters would just...kiss or admit the love they've got for each other.And when that time came,believe me when I say I was screaming and laughing from joy.And imagine that I felt all those things while reading a book.An amazing book that I read every once in a while...when I just want to get away and go somewhere else.Because if I was a fictional character and I had to choose in which book I had to live...something that would never happen I have to admit...I would sink into the pages of the Poison Study and all the other books in the series and just stay there.Seriously...And another two of the reasons I would love living in this book are Ari and Janco or the power twins. They're just so amazing and funny and they really care about Yelena.She's like a little sister to them and they are the two big brothers who always protect and love her no matter what.In the beginning they both had their suspicions and didn't trust her, especially Janco but then they grew so attached to each other and did things together.They're also responsible for Yelena's amazing and really effective fighting skills...!!!

I loved this book and I highly recommend it to everyone who likes a book full of adventure and not romance but something similar to it because the two main characters, Valek and Yelena started as rivals you could say and their love for each other was expressed in the end of the book. Something I found really effective because in the end they are separated and  I really wanted to learn what would happen between those two in the next book.Poison Study is one of my favorite books,if not the favorite.I say that for almost every book I read because in this case,I really mean it.Lately it's been really hard for me to read a book and be obsessed with it so I'd really love to read a book similar to this one...

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