Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Angelfire by Courtney Allison Moulton-Book 1-Angelfire

So...Angelfire is about a teenage girl Ellie, whose life turns upside down, when she discovers that she is someone else...A fighter and the only one who can kill the demonic reapers who threatened the earth and its people.She's known as the preliator and is reborn every time, after someone kills her...Now, when Ellie meets Will, she is really confused because somehow, he seems very familiar.
When one night,while she and Will are walking outside her house, a reaper attacks her and suddenly she finds herself able to do crazy things like handle some really awesome swords and fight. Will trains her but,as time passes, they fall in love for each other. But Will is her warrior and he has failed her before. Being in love with her won't help, not at all. It will just make matters worse. Because when they find the Enshi, the only thing that if it is awaken, can take her soul for ever, and they sail in the middle of the Caribbean to throw it in the ocean, they face some reapers and everything goes wrong. And then an angel, Michael as he calls him self, appears in front of them and makes the biggest revelation. He claims that Ellie is his sister, an angel herself, and with that revelation,she and Will can't be together. Their priority are the reapers and they must find a way to take their lives, before the reapers take their souls.
I was mad when I started reading this book. I wanted to read it so badly and when I finally bought it, I was like OMG...Finally I am going to read it. And I have to say that it was awesome. The plot was amazing and the characters were really fascinating.And when they kissed...OMG..When I finished it I was like..Oh come on...Why finish it..Where's the rest of it?I really can't wait to read the Wings of the Wicked. I think it'll be more amazing than the first one...but what troubles me is her father. At first I thought that he is a reaper...Maybe he is, I don't know. His behavior gets really weird. He tries to kill her.And when Will said that he smelled blood on him, my suspicions became more and more. And now I can't wait to read the next one.Because I really wanna learn what's going on with him!!!!
 So people,you'd be amazed at how good this book is.All the romance and action stuff were really fascinating and if you haven't read it yet,I think you should.If you like that kind of stuff anyway!!!XD
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