Friday, 23 November 2012

Darkness Rising by Kelley Armstrong-Book 1-The Gathering

Really people???Are you kidding me??First thing that I still remember after reading this book is that Rafe is a big jerk.Get over it.He might be handsome and he might have that bad ass attitude but seriously?I don’t like him.But first things first.I loved Maya and when the time came for her surprise birthday party and her friends put all those papayas and she had to follow them to get to her party…I was like yeah…Maya Papaya…And I just kept saying it again and again until I started laughing.Seriously…I still don’t know what had gotten into me in the first place.
The book was fine but I gave it four stars because of the ending.I was so sad when they couldn’t find Annie and then, when Maya met her father…because that was definitely her father…I was just shocked.I just felt that he couldn’t after all those years,find her and take her with him.Cause that’s definitely what he was there to do.And when Rafe told Maya that her mother possibly had twins but gave her away instead of her brother…I was so so mad.It was and felt very unfair.I also loved that whole animal stuff.I seriously love animals and the fact that Maya rescued and became friends with them was something I admired and felt somehow happy about.I can’t wait to learn what happens in the next book.I have to admit that I had my doubts about this book.I kept finding it in my way when I went to find a book with the adventure and action and romantic stuff…and everything time it was in front of me but I hesitated and didn’t buy it.And then someone recommended it to me and I said…I will just read it and see what happens.I wasn’t so excited and then after finishing it…I’m so eager to learn what happens in the next book.I can hardly wait and I just think about stealing it or something…No:))))Just kidding.I enjoyed reading Darkness Rising and I really really hope that there won’t be any abrupt changes in the next book.I mean relationship between the character and all that stuff.Because the description of the second book didn’t seem so good…!!!
I recommend this to everyone who likes werewolf or better say skinwalker myths with mystery and a lot of action….Especially in the end!!!
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