Friday, 23 November 2012

Shaede Assassin Series by Amanda Bonilla-Book 1-Shaedes of Grey

Can anyone tell me how it’s possible for me to wait five months until the second book is out?I mean, can’t they just publish it and get over with it…so,first of all, the whole idea, the plot, the characters was amazing and while I was reading the last chapters where the lyhtans, amazing name by the way, kidnapped Darian, I was something between shocked and dreamy(don’t know if that’s the right word but anyway), because while I was trying to figure out what happened, when I learned that Tyler didn’t betray her, I was relieved and ready to start screaming and then she was about to die…in the end though, she leaves that place just to learn that twelve hours had actually passed instead of nine days and ..she also ended up as creature of day and a creature of night at the same time, but again Tyler was injured and was going to die…and then, there is Asriel who comes back and then they fight and then she wins and then they capture him and then he dies….finally…why was I a bit dreamy?
Because it was like I was actually living that moment and felt panicked and me excessive, call me a psycho but that’s how things go when you read such an amazing book…how can’t you be thrilled by a book like Shaede Assassin that takes your breath away???(I’m talking for myself now :))
The second book of Shaede Assassin which is Blood Before Sunrise was published a couple of  months ago but it’s been a while since I’ve read this book so…Anyway you can’t say that Shaede Assassin is really popular among Goodreads because it has only 3.71 for international you could say rating.But I really liked it,even though it wasn’t that interesting in the beginning.Then,in the middle of the book,things started getting interesting and that’s why I got overexcited.
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