Friday, 23 November 2012

Dark Redemption Series by Yvonne Navarro-Book 1-Highborn

Well…to be honest, I dind’t expect this book to be SO GOOD…No,something much more than good.After reading Insurgent,I was looking for something really “strong”…with a lot of action and weird stuff.I wanted to get excited…and I did.From the first pages of this book,there was this feeling…It was like the heroine passed her feelings…especially the adrenaline to me.I was so eager to see what was going to happen and I was like…No I won’t read anything because I want it to last..and then you’d see me holdling the book and reading until I finished it.I really tried to keep myself from reading it but there was no use.
Who can stay like that when in front of him, he or she had a book with a sexy and independent heroine who ACTUALLY escaped from Hell and tries to find Redemption. The plot was really unique and I was really surprised about the end. It was really sad that the girl died. Imagine that you give everything you have to protect someone, and then something happens and that person dies leaving you there…feeling like all those things you did didn’t matter.The only thing that isn’t clear in this book is Brynna’s relationship with Lucifer.Was she his lover or what?Why does he want her back so badly?

Alright it was obvious that Lucifer was her lover or something but…I don’t know.I waited for Brynna to tell her story something that never actually happened.I tried really hard to find a book that suited me and now I’ll have to start all over again…Anyway…I think Brynna and Eran are the perfect couple.In my opinion,Brynna will find the redemption she seeks in the end.At least I hope so because she really deserves it!!
If you’d like to read something different and really unique then this is the book you’re looking for.But I don’t think that’s a book that many people would read and like because it’s a bit weird.But that’s what makes it unique.So if you’re used to the whole ordinary book plot kind of thing then you may not like this book.
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