Sunday, 25 November 2012

Abandon Trilogy by Meg Cabot-Book 1-Abandon

So...The first book of the abandon trilogy by Meg Cabot(in my opinion and excuse me if I'm being paranoid)gives us something entirely different to imagine love and learn.All the supernatural and Underworld stuff in the book aren't real but I would really appreciate it if they were.Because the author,instead of sticking with the same plots almost every author is using decided to try something entirely different.She gives us the life of girl who died...went to the Underworld,met a mysterious and very frightening boy(I'm leaving the sexy part behind) and then came back to life.
After two years of what happened she still can't get him off her mind and when she moves to her mother's island she meets him in the cemetery.There he gets angry and throws the necklace he gave her telling her to leave him alone.If you ask me the way he behaved was a little harsh.Then Pierce's (btw sorry I forgot the name but I was a bit caught up with the plot;)first day at school turns into something close to a disaster because the Cemetery Sexton has her necklace.All that time she believed that John(the mysterious frightening boy)gave it to her to protect her from the furies but she learns that the necklace he gave her was responsible for a lot of deaths.But then she learns that only if the right person wears won't cause trouble.So to get to the point and because I don't wanna say much....I already did but that's night John drops on purpose a bird in her pool because he knows she'll go out and save it.There they have some romantic if you can call it that moments which in my opinion were the best in the whole book and John wants to meet her so with this and that she agrees.And then when her uncle Chris is taken by the police as the main suspect for a murder Pierce finds out that her grandmother is a fury and was the one responsible for her first death.So Pierce fights her and John gets there in time to save her and he takes her to the place where everything started....The UNDERWORLD!!!
So people I think this was an amazing book because as I said it's something really different.I've read some books by Meg Cabot(The Queen of Bubble specifically)and sorry for saying this but it was not my kinda thing.But Abandon was something completely different.Almost a month ago I went out to find something to read.I saw Abandon in the shelf and it was like it wanted me to buy it(the paranoid part;)but instead I got Divergent and then the next time I went out to find an interesting book I couldn't stand it and I finally bought it.And when I started reading I couldn't put it down.And now I'm like...reading more books than I can handle at the same time..

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