Friday, 23 November 2012

A Beautiful Dark Series by Jocelyn Davies-Book 1-A Beautiful Dark

So...when Skye turns seventeen,she meets two mysterious boys who are completely different but the only mutual thing between them is that they want to protect her...Asher is dark, wild and he does whatever he wants when he wants and he never follows the rules...but Devin is shy,sweet and everything he does,he does it according to the rules...after their appearance strange things start happening...and Skye starts having doubts about why they came and what they want from her...she seems to respond to Asher's attractiveness but she keeps changing her mind and suddenly finds herself attracted to Devin...
she doesn't even know what she wants and when she learns that those two boys, or better angels are in different sides and that they want to teach her how to use her powers, her world turns upside down...and every time she is angry, something happens...but in the end, when she meets the two boys with their "bosses",she understands that, they were just using her to use her powers to their advantage and make her go with one of them...she thinks that no one really loved her but, truth to be told, both of them had feelings for her even if they didn't show it...especially devin who does something always he follows the orders he was given and he finally does what he was supposed to do a long time ago...he stabs Skye and leaves her with Asher, who is also heartbroken and tries to heal her...
A beautiful dark is an amazing book and although I don't like love triangles, I liked this's really amazing, the whole thing with the story of angels and all that stuff that happens...I really liked the boys and I think Skye's going to end up with least that's what I want...the romance thing was amazing and I liked where Asher told the story of her parents while they were all sitting around the fire but I would have been pissed if someone was flirting with me and gave me the impression that he loved me, only because he wanted me to go with was really stupid,what they both did because they left her believe some things that weren't true and that was so not okay...but the worst part was Devin's betrayal...I wasn't expecting him to do it but he did it...I can't wait to read the next one because I'm so curious about what happens next...if she ends up with Devin, I don't know what I will do..seriously..the guy stabbed her while he was pretending he liked her...Alright I don't know if he was pretending or not but he still stabbed her and that's what matters..

If you haven't read this book,I think you should especially if you like love triangles.It was a really weird love triangle though but it's still a love triangle.The second book of the series is call A Fractured Light and was published a few weeks ago.


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